This is a list of links to help you find information relevant to living here. Most of it is earthquake related but other events and issues are also covered. To help make the information more accessible the links will be added as posts as well as added here. Please contact me if there are errors or ommissions.


Government links

  • EQC information (not their standard web site pages, something more useful consisting mainly of copies of the newspaper advertisements)

  • EQC processing manual (for those who want to know what the processes are that underlie a lot of the work EQC is doing)

  • Government website “Stronger Canterbury” – has information about grants available to residents affected by the quake and essential contact numbers.

  • Ministerial announcements detailing the Government’s response to the Canterbury Earthquake.

Christchurch City Council

  • Homepage

  • Earthquake main page

Health and Welfare Links

  • Canterbury Webhealth: a health and social services site sponsored by the Canterbury District health Board.

Legal Support

  • Community Law Canterbury

Contractors and Tradespeople

  • Fletcher Construction earthquake recovery web site. The site doesn’t have much information for residents however there is a news page and a page of links which, again, don’t have much information for residents. Hopefully this paucity of information will dimish over time.

  • earthquakeFIX – a website listing contractors and tradespeople.
This page was last update on the 23rd of  Nov 2010