Members of our neighbourhood, and anyone else who wishes to participate, are welcome to contribute to the blog by way of comments or otherwise.

The blog is secured to prevent it becoming the victim of spammers or people who aren’t welcome (check some of the idiot comments that appear on NZ newspaper sites where feedback is permitted to see why this is necessary). The ability to participate on the blog is controlled by the system so that contributors have to be pre-authorised (although once authorised you are able to contribute until the cows come home). This authorisation process is a bit cumbersome however it should protect us from the undersirables that lurk on the internet.

To get into the system e-mail me at this address

If you are busting to get on, send the e-mail then ring me. As I’m out most days you are likely to be authorised during the evening. As soon as it is done the blog system will send you an e-mail.

Please be thoughtful and considerate in your comments. You are responsible for what you say. If something appears on the blog anyone feels is not quite right, or not really appropriate, let me know and I will do the editor/moderator thing.

Thank you.