Red Zone meetings – urgent message

The following is from Leanne Curtis of CanCERN. If you are a Red Zoner and haven’t attended one of CERA’s Red Zone meetings please read.

This is a very quick summary of the Red Zone Workshops which were held yesterday, Monday 20 May. There are two further planned workshops TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY 22 MAY at 1pm and 6.30pm.

If you have not yet registered and would like to please ring:

0800 RING CERA (0800 7464 2372). Registration is essential to cater for seating.

(If you are unable to attend one of the workshops and you are concerned that you may not be able to meet your settlement date, you can call 0800 RING CERA (0800 7464 2372) to discuss your concerns.)

The feedback from attendees has been positive and the phrase ‘useful’ was the most common. The workshop is mostly focused on the small group discussion/workshopping although there is an overview of the offer, deadlines and support services.

The main questions relate to why exactly you have had issues with settling and vacating and what possible solutions need to be looked at.

Case Management is discussed and the workshop discussion is informing how the case management will work.

In essense, all red zoners now have an opportunity to write to Roger Sutton to request an extension on their deadline based on individual circumstances. Not every situation will be granted an extension but the discussion is painting a very clear picture of the obvious and far more invisible impacts and issues remaining red zoners are facing.

I strongly encourage you to attend the workshops planned for tomorrow. People have felt and been heard, there are ample opportunities to talk to the people you need to talk to and this has been most appreciated by attendees. If speaking in a group is not your thing there are opportunities to talk alone or to register your story on a form so that CERA can contact you to follow up. You can register for the Residential Advisory Service, receive Red Cross Grant information, talk to Community Law, et Financial Advice, connect with an Earthquake Support Coordinator (and discuss case management in more depth).

Please feel free to call me on the numbers below if you would like any further information before registering. I’m only too happy to talk you through it.

Please note: a Port Hills specific meeting will be planned and we are discussing with the Waimakariri District Council what the needs in the area are. Waimakariri residents are also welcome to register for tomorrows workshop though.


Leanne Curtis

CanCERN Relationships Manager

DDI       03 3100325   CELL    027 6555665

EQC land settlement Q&A

CanCERN have produced a document outlining land settlement questions and responses between CanCERN and EQC. It includes new and useful information. The information will be in CanCERN’s newsletter this week, or you can access a copy via Google Docs here. .

CERA – Community issues and questions update

CERA have started adding information to their Community Issues page (here). If you want to submit a question CERA ask that you do so via the CanCERN web page here. The first two questions for which CERA have gathered responses are:

1   What kind of information am I entitled to receive about my property?

  • How do I get that information?
  • How long should it take?
  • Examples – scope of works, assessment documents

Answers have been provided by EQC, Southern Response, VERO, IAG, and Lumley.

2. Once payment has been determined when can I expect to receive it?
The talking points being;

  • Some people are receiving payment and some are not
  • What is the process and where do I fit?
  • Those overcap / <$15,000

EQC have provided the answer to this question. .

Will you be out of the Red Zone by the 31 July deadline?

Late last year Minister Brownlee announced the deadline for departure from the residential Red Zones was extended to the 31st of July. For many this was just the amount of extra time needed to get claims sorted, a settlement date agreed, find a new place to live, and get out. With 31 July nearly four months away there are a few clear cases where departure still isn’t going to happen because of problems created by others. Insurance companies are part of the problem, along with land developers who promised early title availability and have failed to deliver. There are other issues too. CanCERN are trying to assess the size of the problem and are running a brief on-line survey (here) of just four questions, and a box for additional comments. If you think you will be struggling to be out by the 31st of July please fill out the survey! If CERA have rung to see how you are getting please also fill out the CanCERN survey, even if you have told them of the problems you face. If you have done our CowPats survey, please still fill out the CanCERN survey. The CanCERN survey is important because the information is going into the hands of an organisation that serves the earthquake affected.  The information they gather will be a good reality check and counter-balance to official figures. .