Tribute to Avonside – Holy Trinity Avonside

For those who, like Julie, weren’t able to be in Avonside today.

Holy Trinity Avonside hosted a service of thanksgiving this afternoon remembering and giving thanks for life in Avonside. After the service there was afternoon tea and a wide range of photo boards showing different aspects of Avonside from over the last 100 or more years. Photographs and the order of service are below.

To Rosalyn and the others who organised and supported this tribute, and did many other things for the people of Avonside, thank you. Matthew 25: 38, 40.

Opening Prayer

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Ed Hitchcock

Our Place photo board

Paint Your Memories

Mothers’ Union photo board.

Weddings photo board

Love Avonside chalk board

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea

 Order of Service

Tribute to Avonside
Past, Present and Future

Opening:Revd. Jill KeirHymn:Now Thank We All Our GodVersicle and Response:Leader: Grace and peace to you from God.People: God fill you with peace and joy.Leader: The Lord be with you.People: The Lord bless you.Reminiscences:Ed Hitchcock (People’s Earden),Revd. Michael ColemanPrayers of Thanks:Rosalyn Deane (Bishop’s Warden) reproduced in full belowAnthem by Choir:Ave Verum by MozartReading:Philippians 4:4-9  Christine MaceyReflection:Bishop Victoria MatthewsPrayer and BlessingBishop Victoria MatthewsHymn:Amazing Grace  

Prayers of Thanks

God of our beginnings and endings, we share in celebrating together this place – Avonside.

We thank you for this day; that among friends, neighbours – past and present, we can come together with wonderful memories  of this area, Avonside.

If we have lived in Avonside, or if we have visited family, or friends that lived here, we have wonderful memories of this place. We have been for river walks, canoeing, swinging on the knotted willows into the water, we have been fishing, we have been eeling, and more. God you have given us these memories which help shape who we are, and what we value. Our memories strengthen us in our time of sorrow.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for all who have lived here. For all those, for whom this place is or has been ‘home’. We thank you for all people who have shown love and care for those around them, and have been a major part of community life here.

May the love that is in our hearts be a bond that unites us forever, wherever we may be. You are the source of our love for each other; you have been with us through our hardest times; bringing comfort and support, bringing others to our aide. In quiet moments you soothe our fears, and encourage us to carry on. As we move through every sorrow and trial of this life, uphold us and comfort us. May we be given a sense of the presence of your risen Son and may we share in his resurrection, redeemed and restored to the fullness of life; this we ask, for the sake of Jesus our Lord.  Amen

The Anxious Times – newsletter of Anxiety Support

The previous blog entry introduced Anxiety Support. One of the significant services they provide is a quarterly support newsletter The Anxious Times that can be read on-line or downloaded for reading later ( or printing out). Copies of the newsletters are available here.

The newsletters published to date are:

Autumn 2013

Prescription changes, Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder, Cluttering Vs Hoarding, Thinking About Working, Mental Health Websites.

Summer 2013

Post Earthquake Depression; Antidepressants or Dandelions; Happiness is not the purpose in life; Silent face of Social Phobia.

Spring 2012

Out of the Blue; Always Expect Recovery; Youth Health; Rural Services; Transport for Christchurch; School closures Cause Anxiety.

Winter 2012

Sleeping Easy; Gardening and Mental Health; Warm water and lemon; Forgive and Forget;

Autumn 2012

OCD Studies; Supporting Families; Work and Income; Ochiltree Earthquake Retreat; Post Traumatic Stress; Anxiety, Hoarding and Clutter

Summer 2011/2012

Happiness; Laughter; Promoting Support groups; The Tuesday programme

Winter 2011

Resilience; Cultural Activities good for health; Earthquake Support

Anxiety support for Cantabrians

Anxiety Support is a non-profit organisation working for people who experience, or support others who have, any form of anxiety.  Anxiety Support’s services are free to people aged 18-65 who live in Canterbury. They have a blog (here) and a website (here) where information about their services, and the support that can be provided, is available. .

Tribute to Avonside

On Easter Sunday (31st of March) Holy Trinity Avonside will be holding a tribute to Avonside, as the area undergoes the biggest change in its history.

The tribute will start at 2.00pm with a service of thanksgiving and blessing led by Bishop Victoria Matthews.  This will be followed by afternoon tea and an opportunity to view an exhibition of photographs displaying images of life in Avonside through the ages.

Holy Trinity Avonside is accessed via it’s entrance at 168 Stanmore Road.