House demolitions

Demolition of Susanne’s house at 44 Cowlishaw Street started on Wednesday, and was pretty much completed by Friday. The demolition was dusty, as someone forgot the hose, however the debris removal process was suitably controlled. Click on a photograph to enlarge it.

The Red Zone house demolition statistics for our little part of the world now stand at:

  • Retreat Road   12
  • Cowlishaw Street 3
  • Avonside Drive 2


Demolition of QE II to begin soon

The Christchurch City Council released this media statement today (here):

Demolition of most of the QEII Park Recreation and Sport is to begin soon and will take about 18 weeks. The contractor will be on site this week, fencing will be erected, some retrievals actioned and then the demolition will begin. This preliminary process will take two to three weeks. In April Christchurch City Council received a Notice of Demolition under Section 38(4) of the CER Act from the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA). The Council has since agreed to the demolition and CERA has awarded the contract for demolition to Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited. Buildings to be demolished are the main stadium building, the covered stand, the north and south open stands and the athletics track. At this stage, the 50-metre pool is not being demolished but the Council is continuing to identify whether any additional buildings at the site will be included in the demolition process. Any further demolition decisions will be made by elected members of Council.

Demolition videos – CBD Red Zone

Demolition News is the best demolition website on the internet. If it is demolition related, this is the place to look.

Part of the coverage provided by the site is videos of demolitions – successful or otherwise. Often there are videos of demolitions in the CBD, such as the one of Natcoll House here. The home page is here.

Christ Church Cathedral damage – CERA video

CERA have produced a video explaining the extent of the damage caused to the Cathedral by the earthquakes on the 23rd of December last year. The 4m 58sec video is a tour of the outside of the Cathedral with explanations of the damage done, and the increased weaknesses in the structure. There are also a few shots from photographs taken inside after the 23rd.

The video is on the CERA website here.

Christ Church Cathedral – demolition update

Anglican Bishop Victoria Matthews has released a media statement on what is intended to be done to the Cathedral. It will be deconstructed to a level of 2 to 3 metres, using great care and avoiding heavy equipment.

The Bishop’s media statement is here. It concludes with a Q&A section covering the following issues:

  • What was the decision making process?
  • Why is this decision happening now?
  • How long will the process take?
  • What is the financial situation?
  • What is happening with donations for the Cathedral?
  • Why is the Diocese spending money doing this work on the Cathedral?
  • What other buildings has the Diocese also been dealing with in this same time period?
  • What has been saved from the Cathedral already?
  • What are you hoping to save from the cathedral?
  • What of the Miyamoto proposal?
  • Why has no international expertise been sought?
  • What does “controlled demolition” actually mean?
  • When will the public be allowed access to the site?
  • Are there any plans to build a new Cathedral on the same site?