Cabinet Paper and Minute of Decisions on the report and recommendations of the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission

From the website of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

The Government’s formal response to the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission, released today, sets out a large and critically important work programme for MBIE. A staged approach has to be taken because many of the recommendations require changes in the law or how professional bodies operate, and in some instances significant research. This is the first stage of the Government’s response.

The Cabinet Paper can be downloaded from here, and the Minute of Decisions here.

Earthquake Royal Commission–release of Volumes 5–7 of the Commission’s Report

The Government has released released Volumes 5 to 7 of the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission report.  Copies are available online at the Royal Commission’s website here. These Volumes cover:

Vol 5: Summary and Recommendations in Volumes 5 – 7, Christchurch, the city and approach to this inquiry

Vol 6: Canterbury Television Building (CTV) – (with foreign language translations) Vol 7: Low-Damage Building Technologies which includes reference to

    • building management after earthquakes (the red, yellow and green placard building assessment system)
    • the roles and responsibilities in the building and construction system.

Copies of previously released Volumes and Reports are also available from the website link above.

Earthquake Royal Commission – submission of final report

From the Royal Commission’s website:

The Commission completed its work when it delivered the third and final part of its Final Report on 29 November 2012.

Any media enquiries about the Commission should be directed to the Department of Internal Affairs.

Any media enquiries about the Government’s release of the Commission’s Final Report should be directed to the Attorney General’s office.


Earthquake Royal Commission – California's Safety Assessment Program

The Royal Commission has made available a copy of the California Emergency Management Agency’s Safety Assessment  Program Coordinator Student Manual. It can be downloaded from here. This manual sets out training material for use by SAP (Safety Assessment Program) coordinators to ensure a standardised approach is taken to emergency situations (for California most notably fires and earthquakes). The copy on the Royal Commission’s website was released in January of this year, and contains updates arising from the lessons learnt in the Canterbury earthquakes. .