Temporary Accommodation Assistance – Cabinet Papers and Minutes

The Minister of Social Development and Employment  has released the Cabinet papers and Minutes regarding the affordability of accommodation and the provision of temporary accommodation assistance. The papers and minutes available on the Canterbury Earthquake Temporary Accommodation website are:

  • CAB – Canterbury Earthquake: Affordability of Accommodation
  • CAB Min – Canterbury Earthquake: Affordability of Accommodation
  • ACE – Canterbury Earthquake: Review of Temporary Accommodation Assistance
  • ACE Min – Canterbury Earthquake: Review of Temporary Accommodation Assistance

The documents can be accessed here. Some parts of the Cabinet Papers and Minutes have been withheld without stating the reason for doing so. Most significantly information regarding the expiry date has been removed (e.g. see para 34 on page 5) of cabinet Paper ACE (11) 53. In addition the whole of para 40 on page 5 has been removed without the appropriate authority being stated. .

Christchurch Diocesan Earthquake Recovery Fund

Bishop Barry Jones, Catholic Bishop of Christchurch, established a recovery fund to manage the distribution of money received after the 4 September earthquake and subsequently. The goals of the Fund are to:

  • To alleviate human suffering.
  • To assist community development and cultural activities especially those that seek to help rebuild community spirit and resilience in parishes and the wider community.
  • To help parishes continue to meet the pastoral needs of their parishioners post-earthquake.
  • To help parishes prepare for future events / improved disaster preparedness.

Funding is still available and applications are sought from parishes, organisations and interested individuals wishing to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the earthquakes. Organisations do not have to be Catholic to apply.
Information on the goals of the fund, eligibility, how to apply, and who has received money so far can be found here.

Red Cross Canterbury Earthquakes Recovery Update July 2012

The New Zealand Red Cross have published their July 2012 update. Over 24 pages the recovery update summarises work in Christchurch and across the country including distribution of grants, outreach programmes, 22 February anniversary and our work with Australian Red Cross. It reports on the grants paid out, information on some of the beneficiaries, and gives a full accounting of money received and how it has been used. The report is here.

Red Cross Grants

A reminder of the Red Cross grants still available for those who have experienced earthquake damage. Red Zoners on the move should check out the grant for independent advice (including legal expenses) – available to vulnerable people and those with a child or children under 18 years. NOTE: it is important to apply for this before the expense is incurred. Click on the name of the grant for more information.


Ansvar insurance update

A news item on the insuranceNEWS.com.au web site provides an update on what is being arranged for Ansvar’s clients (here). The following are excerpts from the article:

Church-based insurer ACS (NZ) Ltd, the former Ansvar New Zealand, has written to policyholders to inform them of a June 12 meeting in Christchurch. The New Zealand High Court has directed ACS to hold the meeting to discuss a scheme of arrangement with its creditors – the claimants – so they may vote on approving the scheme and, if necessary, determine the members of an initial creditors’ committee. Ansvar CEO Andrew Moon said previously that the scheme would only be triggered if ACS directors determine that liabilities exceed assets, or if creditors’ claims can no longer be met in full. If the scheme is not approved, ACS says it will continue to manage claims, but could be “vulnerable to increasing claims” and other factors that may endanger its solvency. .