Christchurch Diocesan Earthquake Recovery Fund

Bishop Barry Jones, Catholic Bishop of Christchurch, established a recovery fund to manage the distribution of money received after the 4 September earthquake and subsequently. The goals of the Fund are to:

  • To alleviate human suffering.
  • To assist community development and cultural activities especially those that seek to help rebuild community spirit and resilience in parishes and the wider community.
  • To help parishes continue to meet the pastoral needs of their parishioners post-earthquake.
  • To help parishes prepare for future events / improved disaster preparedness.

Funding is still available and applications are sought from parishes, organisations and interested individuals wishing to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the earthquakes. Organisations do not have to be Catholic to apply.
Information on the goals of the fund, eligibility, how to apply, and who has received money so far can be found here.

Red Cross: Winter Assistance Grant still available

The Winter Assistance Grant is still available. The purpose of the grant seems to have broadened and is now:

To assist all households living in homes significantly damaged by the earthquakes or who have had to move into damp or hard to heat accommodation.

More information is here, along with a downloadable application form.

Red Cross Grants

A reminder of the Red Cross grants still available for those who have experienced earthquake damage. Red Zoners on the move should check out the grant for independent advice (including legal expenses) – available to vulnerable people and those with a child or children under 18 years. NOTE: it is important to apply for this before the expense is incurred. Click on the name of the grant for more information.


Red Cross – disability grant

The New Zealand Red Cross have announced a new grant to provide financial support for those with disabilities.

The grant is:

“… to be used towards the increased costs incurred by individuals and families, to access additional respite or help for carers, to help individuals/families to access activities or take a short break, or to assist with things like packing and moving from quake-damaged homes.

To be eligible for this grant you or the person for whom you are applying for this grant on behalf of must be registered with a Needs Assessment and Service Coordination provider in the Greater Christchurch area (which includes Christchurch, Waimakariri or Selwyn Districts), Lifelinks, CDHB Older Person’s Specialist Service or one of the CDHB funded Mental Health services. If you have a significant disability but are not registered with one of these services you must provide a letter from your doctor that provides a description of your disability.”

The value of the grant is $750.

More information is available here, along with a downloadable application form. Information about other grants, such as the winter assistance grant, is here.