Community Energy Action – advice on wet insulation

Community Energy Action (CEA) have updated their advice on making house warmer. In particular they make the point that once insulation becomes wet it is subject to mould as well as losing its effectiveness.

Even when dried insulation materials have lost their effectiveness. CEA make the point that wet insulation should be listed on your claim to EQC and your insurer.

There is more information here.


Red Cross: Winter Assistance Grant still available

The Winter Assistance Grant is still available. The purpose of the grant seems to have broadened and is now:

To assist all households living in homes significantly damaged by the earthquakes or who have had to move into damp or hard to heat accommodation.

More information is here, along with a downloadable application form.

E-Can to allow new woodburners in rebuilt houses?

According to an article on the Press website today (here) E-Can may soon allow low emission woodburners in new houses.

This makes sense as the latest woodburners have very low emissions, and are the only electricity independent heating device to use a renewable fuel. Woodburners are carbon neutral, all they do is recycle carbon into the atmosphere. The added advantages are they work when there is no electricity, and you can buy fuel and stockpile it.

The Press is interested in hearing from anyone who wants a woodburner in their new home. Contact details are in the article. 

Getting help to keep warm – CEA

The last couple of days have been pretty tough for those with homes that let in the weather, or don’t have adequate heating to take away the cold. CEA have been mentioned before on this blog and, if you haven’t checked them out before, you might want to do so now. CEA (Community Energy Action) is a charitable trust in Christchurch which aims to keep people warm in their homes regardless of their income. They can do this by putting in insulation and heating for all people, and with extra grants up to 100% for low income households. CEA also run a free energy advice service and a curtain bank which provides free recycled curtains to the community. They have a web page here with useful information on everything to do with keeping warm and earthquakes. The page covering subsidies is here. You can also phone them:

Main number for insulation and heating:     Community Energy Action reception: (03) 374-7222
    Free phone: 0800 GET WARM (0800 438-9276) Other phone numbers:     Energy Advice Service (questions on home energy use): 0800 388-588
    Curtain Bank: 379-6959


Making your house warmer

The Community Energy Action charitable trust has a website with advice about energy use, making houses warm and healthy.

There is a page dedicated to earthquake damaged houses with information on:

  • Insulation and your EQC claim/repairs
  • Taking advantage of earthquake repairs to make your home warmer
  • Staying warm in a quake damaged house or temporary rental property
  • How to get more information

and some practical suggestions for weather proofing stuff you can do yourself. The page is here.