Advice for Canterbury building owners: multi unit residential buildings

The Department of Building and Housing (DBH) have released a document for owners of multi unit residential buildings (here).

The purpose of the document: Advice for Canterbury building owners: Assessing the seismic performance of non-residential and multi unit residential buildings in greater Christchurch is to assist building owners in considering the structural integrity of their buildings, and how the building will be used and repaired in the future.

From the DBH website:

Advice for building owners

Building owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of their buildings. Building owners are encouraged to engage Chartered Professional Engineers (structural) to carry out Detailed Engineering Evaluations on their buildings. This will assist building owners to make informed decisions about the ongoing use and occupation of their buildings.

There is also a publication for engineers:

Guidance for engineers

Engineers should only provide recommendations about the continued use of buildings once a suitable level of investigation has been completed.

The Department has prepared guidance for engineers on what they should include in their building evaluations. This guidance is at a general level only and focuses on what may be required under the Building Act 2004. The document is called: Guidance for engineers assessing the seismic performance of non-residential and multi unit residential building in greater Christchurch.


Red Cross Grants

A reminder of the Red Cross grants still available for those who have experienced earthquake damage. Red Zoners on the move should check out the grant for independent advice (including legal expenses) – available to vulnerable people and those with a child or children under 18 years. NOTE: it is important to apply for this before the expense is incurred. Click on the name of the grant for more information.


Housing protest – Paying a visit to Gerry Brownlee’s Office

Otautahi Solidarity Network have posted information about “Paying a visit to Gerry Brownlee’s Office…” on Saturday the 26th of May at 2.00pm.

The visit will be to Gerry Brownlee’s Ilam Office at 283 Greers Rd. The main points at issue are:

  • The need for more social housing
  • A sustainable rebuild
  • Housing organised according to need not profit
  • Acknowledgement of the real levels of homelessness and displacement in our city
  • A rent freeze for private and social housing
  • A living wage and affordable housing for all
  • No shock doctrine housing policy
  • A Democratic process for peoples’ housing concerns to be heard

There is more information on the Otautahi Solidarity Network blog here and on facebook here. Additional information on the Action for Christchurch East blog here.

Linwood Park Village – temporary accommodation

Work started yesterday on temporary accommodation in Linwood park. Initially work will involve site preparation, followed by construction of up to 40 houses. The first houses will be available in early July.

The following are extracts from the media release:

The village will comprise a mix of two, three and four bedroom units. Portable homes will be fully serviced just like any other normal residential neighbourhood.

Mr Bywater says some sports and training grounds will be affected. “Building temporary villages is an extraordinary measure which has had to be taken as a result of the earthquake and Christchurch City Council is arranging alternative locations where necessary.”

He says care has been taken during planning for the village to ensure that residents and park users will have easy access to the rest of the park.

The council’s full media release is here.

Temporary accommodation – Jennian Homes

The folks at Jennian Homes sent me some images to put on the blog, along with the press release issued a week or so ago. The very useful thing about that is we have access to them all the time.

Structural features of the temporary houses are:

  • exterior cladding of Shadowclad Ply
  • interior walls lined with plywood as well, instead of gib, for greater strength
  • lined and finished and ready to move into
  • insulated living spaces with double glazing and heat pumps
  • fitted with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers

The colour illustration shows the front exterior.

The floor plans show both the three and four bedroom houses which are the same size. These houses will be 83 square metres in size, with the 3 bedroom house having a larger living room.

Three bedroom house

Four bedroom house

 The 2 bedroom house (not shown) will be smaller at 64 square metres and the same style as the 4 bedroom model, minus the bedrooms to the left.