Tribute to Avonside

On Easter Sunday (31st of March) Holy Trinity Avonside will be holding a tribute to Avonside, as the area undergoes the biggest change in its history.

The tribute will start at 2.00pm with a service of thanksgiving and blessing led by Bishop Victoria Matthews.  This will be followed by afternoon tea and an opportunity to view an exhibition of photographs displaying images of life in Avonside through the ages.

Holy Trinity Avonside is accessed via it’s entrance at 168 Stanmore Road.


Ecological effects of sewage and silt in Christchurch's streams and rivers

Environment Canterbury has carried out a number of surveys and studies into the effects on streams and waterways of wastewater inflows and silt deposits, and have released reports on their findings.

ECan’s media release on the effects of untreated sewage being discharged into the lower parts of the Avon and Heathcote rivers and the estuary is here. According to ECan’s map (here), the lower Avon is the part of the river downstream from the Fitzgerald Avenue bridge.

Also available are the following reports:

  • Ecological effects of the Christchurch February earthquake on our city rivers
  • Ecological effects of the Christchurch February earthquake on our city estuary
  • Effects of wastewater overflows on oxygen and ammonia in the Avon and Heathcote rivers
  • Christchurch February Earthquake: Effect on aquatic invertebrates
  • Christchurch February Earthquake: Effect on freshwater fish of the upper Avon River
  • Christchurch February Earthquake: Effect on invertebrates of the lower rivers
  • Effects of seismic activity on inaka spawning grounds on city rivers
  • Mapping earthquake induced topographical change and liquefaction in the Avon-Heathcote Estuary
  • Effects of the Canterbury earthquakes on Avon-Heathcote Estuary/Ihutai ecology

The reports and map are here.

Avonside during the heavy rain

The photographs below were taken yesterday afternoon along River Road and Avonside Drive.

River Road, near Swanns Bridge, with Cowlishaw Street on the far side of the river.

River Road near Dallington Terrace. The road has flooded and a breach is being made in the stop bank to allow the water to run into the Avon.

Avonside Drive near Galbraith Street, from  Dallington Terrace. The green willow trees in the middle-right mark the approximate edge of the bank on Avonside Drive. Behind the stop bank can be seen patches of flooding on Avonside Drive.

Taken from on top of the stop bank on Avonside Drive, a few metres downstream of Galbraith Street. The river surface is about half a metre higher than the road.


Blog photographs

The recent Retreat Road photographs were more popular than I imagined. Blogger/Blogspot works best with Picasa Web Albums and so that is where the photographs are stored. Unfortunately Picasa Web Albums is difficult to find and navigate so a different tack is being tried.

Most of my Retreat Road photographs (October to June) have been put on Flickr. As we weren’t here in September there are no photographs immediately after the first earthquake. Some of the photographs have not appeared on the blog so there will be something new to see.

The photographs have been uploaded warts and all, editing takes too long, so there will be the occasional sloping horizon and less than perfect exposure. If there is enough interest, pictures from other streets can be put up when there is time. If I’ve labelled something wrong please let me know.

The flickr site is