Southern Response – update on temporary accommodation issues

Southern Response have added two new FAQs dealing with arranging temporary accommodation. They are (click on the name to go to the web page):

I need to arrange approval from Southern Response for temporary accommodation while Fletchers do my repairs. I’ve found some potential temporary accommodation so what do I need to do next?

If I have been given four weeks’ notice about moving to alternative accommodation while my repairs take place, when should I contact the temporary accommodation team for approval of my claim?

Other temporary accommodation can be found by following those links. .

Southern Response – temporary repairs to houses

Southern Response have updated their website with information for those awaiting either rebuilds or repairs, and wishing to stay in their existing damaged property until then. The following is from the new section (here) :

What should you do if you need temporary repairs to your house?

We are sometimes asked to do temporary repairs to a customer’s home to make it more habitable and comfortable, before the main repairs are done, or before the house is rebuilt.  This might cover things like cladding or roofing, insulation, drainage or removal of liquefaction. If you believe your property needs temporary repairs for you to be able to remain living there, please contact us to talk about your situation.  We look at each request individually, taking into account all circumstances. We need to ensure our customers live in weathertight, secure homes that they are able to heat, and that their home is structurally safe to live in.  Temporary Repairs for Rebuilds If your home needs repairs so that you are able to remain living there until it is rebuilt, the cost of doing these repairs will most commonly come from your temporary accommodation allowance or, if you choose, or from the funds allocated to rebuild your house.  We will ask you to enter an agreement that the cost of the repairs will:

  • Come from any temporary accommodation allowance you may have through your policy with us, or
  • Be repaid to us by you if you choose to take a cash settlement rather than build with us, or
  • Come from the rebuilding funds if you choose to rebuild with us, or
  • Be funded by an advance from us, which will be repaid by you before your rebuild begins.

We also need the agreement of any financially interested party (bank etc) before we can proceed with a temporary repair agreement. Customers will need to have a clear understanding that if they proceed down this proposed temporary repair path using rebuild funds, they will have less settlement funds from Southern Response to finally repair or rebuild their home. Temporary Repairs for Repairable Houses If you need repairs done so that you can stay in your house until the main repairs are done we will see if we can bring forward some of those repairs to enable you to remain living there.  We will only pay for repairs to any part of your house to be done once.  If temporary repairs would have to be redone as part of the main repairs, we are likely to choose to cash settle your entire claim so that you can manage the repairs in your own timeframe.


Village people – a report from Linwood Park Temporary Earthquake Village

David Haywood and his family, formerly of Avonside Drive, have moved into temporary accommodation while their lovely old Edwardian villa is relocated and repaired in Dunsandel. For them the temporary location is the government housing at Linwood Park.

You can read his account of them arriving arriving and settling in on his blog here. David has a great blog so you run the risk of spending plenty of time reading it.

Temporary accommodation – Jennian Homes

The folks at Jennian Homes sent me some images to put on the blog, along with the press release issued a week or so ago. The very useful thing about that is we have access to them all the time.

Structural features of the temporary houses are:

  • exterior cladding of Shadowclad Ply
  • interior walls lined with plywood as well, instead of gib, for greater strength
  • lined and finished and ready to move into
  • insulated living spaces with double glazing and heat pumps
  • fitted with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers

The colour illustration shows the front exterior.

The floor plans show both the three and four bedroom houses which are the same size. These houses will be 83 square metres in size, with the 3 bedroom house having a larger living room.

Three bedroom house

Four bedroom house

 The 2 bedroom house (not shown) will be smaller at 64 square metres and the same style as the 4 bedroom model, minus the bedrooms to the left.