More background information on the new central city

The CCDU (Christchurch Central Development Unit) have added an FAQ page to their website (here). The contents of the page so far are:

    • General
    • The Recovery Plan
    • Planning and Consents
    • Designation of land
    • Land Acquisition
    • Government as a tenant and employer
    • Roles
    • Delivery of the Anchor Projects
    • Economy
    • The Blueprint 100 Consortium
    • Virtual Data Room

The plan for a new central city

Lots of information has been released on the design for the new CBD. Here are a few links to both general and specific information from the main players. Click on the topic name to open it in another tab or window. Media releases

Impressive projects anchor a compact, green city (Ministerial release)

Striking a balance between between investment and community (Mayor) Fancy stuff with pictures The Plan for a new central city (Christchurch Central Development Unit or CCDU)

Introducing the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan (Video – CCDU)

This is what we will build (CCDU) The Plan A copy can be downloaded from here. Finance and investment

New unit will facilitate CBD investment (Ministerial release)

Property acquisition

Discussion to begin on securing city land (Ministerial release)


Earthquake Royal Commission – Discussion Paper: Roles and Responsibilities

The Royal Commission has published a discussion paper Roles and Responsibilities.

The Royal Commission is seeking contributions on any or all of the contents of the paper (here). The following is from the introduction to the paper:

This paper presents key issues that are faced by central and local government, the building and construction industry and other elements of the private sector when developing and enforcing legal and best practice requirements for buildings in earthquake events.

The Royal Commission, through its Terms of Reference, is required to make recommendations on:

the adequacy of legal and best-practice requirements for building design, construction, and maintenance insofar as those requirements apply to managing risks of building failure caused by earthquakes.

Respondents are asked to contribute views, evidence and well supported analysis on any or all of the topics documented in this paper in this context.

Catholic Cathedral update

An update on the Cathedral has been posted on the website of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch, as part of the parish update.

The introduction to the update, released on the 10th of July, reads:

The Diocesan Strategic Planning Committee, which has the task of preparing a draft plan on the future location of Catholic churches and schools in the Christchurch diocese, has been formed and has held its first two meetings.

The draft plan, when completed, will go to Bishop Barry Jones for adoption of the draft after due internal process, and then taken to the wider Catholic community for their input. Priority in the plan will be given to the area covered by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA).

The full update can be found here.